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Early Access News

Veil of Entropy: Norfolk Warriors Early Access

Upcoming EA Release Notes

EA v0.9.0 Highlights:

  • Chat feature that allows you to have timely conversations with your party members.

  • Add/Remove party members from your team of cohorts

  • Provide ratings and feedback on specific quests directly from within the game.

Past EA Release Notes

EA v0.8.0 Highlights:

  • Added new quests and extended/improved the content of existing quests.

  • Added "Transform" character action for shape-shifters

  • Improvements and fixes to character management prior to combat

  • Substantial enhancements to Quest features and flow

  • Improved/streamlined the way Encounters are handled and presented to the player

  • Added new NPCs that can join the player's team

  • Added 5%-95% min/max feature for challenges.

  • Added new random enemy features that allow for a varied number of combatants

  • Substantially streamlined game data, making for faster saves and load times.

  • Player can now specify (where multiple options are available) the character they want to perform a task.

  • Many improvements in how the quest text, features and outcomes are displayed to the player

  • Improvements in how 'relationships' are affected by quests.

EA v0.7.0 Highlights:

  • Major updates to help system/content, including adding in-game Rulebook and User Manual.

  • Fixed leveling up issue causing gamebook to appear frozen.

  • Improved performance of gamebook display

  • Added auto-save feature when exiting to main menu to improve performance and stability.

  • Quest updates

  • Made Quests a Free Action

  • Improved error trapping and problem reporting

  • Improved combat manager, allowing player more flexibility when placing their characters on the battle mat

EA v0.6.0 Highlights:

  • Major updates to potions, scrolls and enchantments

  • Updated all character classes to make use of new tactical features

  • Added a “rewards” popup after completing a Quest

  • Added “Renown” details to the Map page

  • Added extra help info to the combat role settings

  • Fixed issues with Renown and XP not being properly tallied after Quest

  • Added feature to show a character’s default gear, locking it from being edited (with lock icon)

  • added in Keep Results, Retry Battle or Buy Win options after a quest combat has ended

  • added feature to disallow players from viewing characters during combat (which would get them around the need for spying the enemy)

  • improved management of allied NPC characters

  • fixed drag/drop issues with allied and enemy NPC characters

  • adding in advanced tactics options for combat, including reactive behaviors and target selection preferences

  • removed spell selection from level-up process.  Instead, characters will now receive a set of spells each time they achieve a new heroic level.

  • updated and added new avatars

  • updated/added races and attached new avatars to them

  • updated armor definitions

  • updated enemy/monster definitions

EA v0.5.12 Highlights:

  • added an extensive list of new monster images

  • fixed issue with character backgrounds not being displayed correctly

  • fixed issues with help overlay buttons not showing up in the correct location

  • updated tutorial popups to flow correctly

  • added issues with tutorial/advice overlaying other information (or vice versa)

  • fixed issues with race special attacks not displayed correctly

  • fixed issues with character sheet and quest history overlapping each other under certain conditions

EA v0.5.0 Highlights:

  • lots more quest content

  • added more tutorial/advice content for enchantments, combat spells and when characters die

  • fixed issue with enchantments not showing damage/power/defense/resistance modifiers

  • updated quest viewer to only show the root quests in the list

  • updated the quest viewer to show the total story text for a quest chain

Beta News

Since the Beta was released on Dec 1 2018, most of the Beta testers indicated that the game was too complicated and/or that the user interface was not intuitive.

In response to that, I've been redesigning the UI to make it more streamlined.  But, more importantly, I've also been adding a complete guided tutorial for the game that will introduce players to all the key components of the game.  Ideally, this tutorial plus the on-demand Help system will be enough to get players fully immersed into the game.

To help with the Tutorial, the game's storyline has been greatly expanded.  This new storyline will help to give the players an understanding of the game world they're interacting with.

The Free Beta will be discontinued on Dec 1, 2019.  It will be replaced by a Free Demo version of the game which will allow people to try out the game.  The demo will allow players to take their character up to Level 3.  Once the hit Level 3, the game will end. 

The Free Demo version will be available on Dec 6, 2019.

Beta Release Notes

Beta v0.4.26 Highlights (Nov 16, 2019):

  • More new quest content

  • Fix to Quest Setup process, allowing players to set where NPC characters are located on the Battle Mat.

  • Change to Heroic actions - now only 1 heroic action can be done each turn, rather than 1 per character


Beta v0.4.24 Highlights:

  • Added new quest content

  • Added new "quest failure" rewards (or penalties depending on your point of view)

  • More changes to how quests operate in the background, including allowing for chained background adventures.

  • Update to character lists on map page.  Long NPC character list was covering the buttons in the bottom-right corner.

Beta v0.4.22 Highlights:

  • Continuing updates on Character Classes

  • Continuing to add content, in particular early game content to aid in setting and providing lore

  • Changes to how quests work (in the background) to provide more features and functionality for quest creation

  • Fixed text color issues on the Character Sheet pages

  • Fixed bug with summoned creatures not showing up on the battle map correctly

Beta v0.4.20 Highlights:

  • Updates to Character Classes

  • Updates to Spells and Afflictions

  • Fix that prevents dead characters from performing Standard Character Actions

  • Tuned up the "Quest Setup" tutorial info.

  • Added additional Quest Combat Help during Quest Setup.

  • Updates/fixes to the generation of high-level quest combatants (both enemy and allied units)

  • Update/fix to how spying on characters behaves.

  • Update to show base effect of Talent on character sheet

  • Update/fix to update character sheet with character's Spell-book and Talents

  • Update/fix to character sheet tabs.  Tab will now maintain its position when switching between characters

  • Updates to the Tutorial system to make it more flexible.

  • Added validation check on email address during registration.

  • Fixed crash issue with providing an email address with an invalid format.

  • Fix to sporadic text turning White on Book output.

  • Added new Warning Messages if a player tries to End Turn while characters have unused either Standard or Heroic Action Points or if there are characters that have not spent their Level-Up Points.

Beta v0.4.18 Highlights: 

  • Fixed issue with map going 'grey' under certain conditions.

  • Improved how game data is handled during startup.

Beta v0.4.16 Highlights: 

  • Fixing the face-palm moment of releasing a broken build in v0.4.14.  Sigh.

  • Fixed the issue with auto-updates of the game when new versions are released.  Sigh again.

  • Minor improvements to how game data updates are checked for.

Beta v0.4.14 Highlights: 

  • There are a few small visual updates. 

    • The biggest are the reorganization of the Main Menu and moving the "Tutorial Mode" feature into options.

    • The Release Notes feature on the main menu has been changed to point to this page on the website, removing the need to keep the release notes synchronized in multiple locations.

  • Data Update/Integration feature​.  In the previous versions, any time new content was added to the database, players would need to start a new game to gain access to it.  This new change will see game content updates immediately installed and integrated into existing games.

Beta v0.4.12 Highlights: 

  • Not much to see here.  Changes were made to support the Game Master Tools to facilitate collaboration with the game's writers.

Beta v0.4.10 Highlights: 

  • The major change to this release is an auto-update feature.  The game will now look for updates when it's launched and prompt the player to install a new version if one exists.

  • Updates were made to the Game Master Tools to create nested adventure choices.  This allows the writers to create deeper story content for adventures.  It's also set up to allow players to exit from a nested adventure, perform some out-of-adventure actions, and then return to the adventure to continue the story.

  • Added game registration to the main menu.

Beta v0.4.4 Highlights: 

  • New feature on the Main Menu to let you submit suggestions and bug reports from within the game.  When you submit the report, the game will email me your game data, which will really help me identify where/how the bug is happening.  If you encounter a bug, please send me a report before ending your turn.  When you end the turn it significantly updates the data, which may mask the bug, making it impossible to trace.

  • New Health (red) and Morale (purple) globes to the character lists on the map page.  I'm not entirely happy with them, but they seem to work well.  There was also a request to add "movement remaining info", but I haven't figured out how I'm going to do that yet.  My current plan is to show a status box at the bottom of the screen that will provide mouse-over information on your characters, the party icon and the various map information (terrain, resources, etc.)  I think it will work okay, but I'm concerned it will be intrusive if the player doesn't want the info.  So, I'll also need to add a show/hide feature for it to put it away when you don't want to see it.

  • New behind the scene features that will facilitate more story options, including nested conversation chains - rather than having to perform multiple adventures to have a longer conversation.  This won't be fully available for a few weeks, but it's coming very soon.

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