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Norfolk Warriors is the first installment in the Veil of Entropy universe.

Long before the reign of Emperor Arcanus Illum, the nomadic tribes of Saskabellon enjoyed a peaceful existence living off the land, following the great herds. These were golden times indeed. As Arcanus pushed north from the Azillation Mountains, these nomadic tribes avoided confrontation and the conquering hordes. It would seem though, that wherever they went, they were encroaching on somebody else's lands and they were driven off at the end of a spear.

Finally, they came upon peoples of Arnnor; the diminutive shape-shifter Berrat and the fearsome, yet pacifistic Gigas. The nomads shared many similarities with these northern people and were gladly accepted into their midst. Together, these races thrived and spread across the north. The nomads had no hope of ever returning to their homeland, until a young brave crossed the frozen north sea and came across an enormous temple, carved out of an icy mountainside…

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Rich Story Content

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Heroic Quests and Adventures

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Wondrous Rewards

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