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When It Began

For millennia, the two races known as the Travelers and the Fates have played games. When you have nearly unlimited power, there isn’t much else to do but have fun. On occasion, the Travelers and the Fates played in the same game, but often the Fates served as referees or provided menial services in games played by the Travelers.

On the hunt for a new game, two Travelers named Titan and Orth along with five Fates named Tyr, Mephitis, Tykhe, Eris and Tiamat set out across the universe in search of a new source of entertainment. On the suggestion of the Fates, they traveled to a star in the galaxy that they had not visited in a very long time. It was in this small solar system they came across a planet that was diverse in both terrain and inhabitants. The Fates wondered which of the races on the planet had the best chance of survival and suggested to the Travelers that this might make for a good game. The two Travelers wagered to see which of the races on the planet was the most robust. They cast their lots and waited and watched over centuries as the inhabitants went about their lives.

But they could not just "watch". The pot needed to be stirred.