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Norfolk Warriors - Beta 1.0

On December 1, 2018 I'll be releasing the Veil of Entropy: Norfolk Warriors - Beta through the Microsoft Store. My goal with this release is to provide what I'm referring to as a "Minimum Viable Product". To me, what that means is the game is enough content and features to be a fully playable game.

So you might ask, "What's missing in this first Beta release of the game?"

The answer, in short, is that there are 2 key elements that are:


The game's storyline is nearly non-existent. This is intentional. I'm holding back on the storyline content until the game is fully released. I will provide plenty of quests and content to keep you interested while you try out the game.


I've spent very little time trying to balance things. Some aspects of the game will likely be overpowered while others will be left wanting. Along with over/under powered items, the allocation of resources, the difficulty level of recipes, the general availability and distribution of Quests and Adventures all need to be reviewed.

Even though the content provided in the Beta is only a small subset of the full content, there is still more than I can fully explore on my own in a reasonable length of time. I'm counting on players to help me find (and correct) the areas that need a particularly large amount of help.