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Character Classes

The Norfolk Warriors have 6 character classes to choose from.  There are pros and cons to each choice and some character classes pair better with particular races.  However, there are no restrictions on your race/class combination.

Portrait Warrior.jpg


Known for their unmatched physical prowess and comprehensive weapons proficiency, warriors are truly a force to be reckoned with.  


Their considerable knowledge of combat tactics and techniques extends beyond the field of battle, making them fantastic commanders that are capable of training and leading entire armies.  


A warrior's primary attribute is Strength.

When selecting skills for your Warrior, don't forget to give him/her access to at least one Active Skill like Healing or Scout.

Portrait Class Mage Male.jpg


A mage's strength lies in their keen mind and dynamic repertoire of spells.  Capable of unleashing awesome power both on and off the battlefield, the mage provides volatile combat options alongside immense strategic utility.  

As the mage's power grows, the mage can tailor her skills and spells to excel in whichever fields she so desires.


A mage's primary attribute is Intelligence.

Portrait Knave.jpg


Knaves are masters of stealth and subterfuge.  They make expert spies, thieves and deadliest assassins.  Using expert marksmanship, finely honed blade skills and a wide array of poisons, knaves strike from the shadows with lethal precision.  

A knave's primary attribute is either Dexterity or Charisma.

Portrait Bard.jpg


Bards are known for their profound patience and wisdom, their endless discipline and thirst for knowledge.  As skilled artisans and renowned scholars, they can provide enchantments to create powerful magic items.

Their strong understanding of magical elements also allows them to apply incredible corruptions to weapons and protections to armor.  

They are skilled with both Bows and Exotic weapons and make some of the best Trainers in the land.


A bard's primary attribute is Constitution.

Portrait Class Merchant Male.jpg


Crafty and charismatic, swashbucklers provide a potent combination of worldly knowledge and exotic weapon proficiency.  

Having traveled far and wide in search of better business and new experiences, they have acquired a large variety of skills designed to gain them the upper hand in whatever sticky situation they may find themselves in.  


A swashbuckler's primary attributes are Dexterity and Wisdom

Portrait Class Priest Male.jpg


A priest's strengths and abilities are intricately linked to the tenants of their religion and the precepts of their god.  Every priest wields power through Faith and is often adept at the art of healing.  Beyond that, a priest's skill set is directly tied to his Deity and can vary greatly from that of a Priest in a different sect.

A priest's primary attribute is typically Wisdom.

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