Priest of Titan.png

Titan called her.  The Temple forged her.  Gods will fear her.

Kit, at the tender age of eleven, leaves her home to join the Temple of the Fist, a group of austere warrior-priests dedicated to delivering justice and retribution to the kingdom of Arnnor.

After five cycles as an acolyte, during what should have been a simple protection mission, Kit uncovers a sinister plot to eradicate the wolves across the kingdom. But why?

With the help of her new friends, a young tracker named Indie and a dire wolf named Runt, can the young priest follow the trail to its grizzly conclusion?

~ A Veil of Entropy Story ~

The Priest of Titan series, chronicles Kit Standing Bear’s journey of self-discovery as she sets forth to free her imprisoned god, Titan, and deliver her unique brand of justice upon the world.

The Priest of Titan novels are Young Adult Fantasy, set in the mythical world of Orth in the Veil of Entropy universe.  Even though my stories are geared towards younger readers, adults will enjoy the deeper messages that are hidden amongst the constant humour, action and adventure.

Paul Mouchet